We are honored that you would consider Trinity Bible Institute (TBI) to further your Christian Education. The TBI program maintains a biblical foundation and is designed to teach students, through practical application, a deeper knowledge of God’s Holy Word. For years, our prayer has been to extend our program to students outside our local community; and God’s timing and provision have now made that possible. Trinity Bible Institute now has both an On Campus Program and an Online Program. We are excited about this opportunity and look forward to our journey together for the cause of Christ.

    Available courses

    A course about the Bible Doctrines 

    A study through the New Testament (Harmony of the Gospels to Epistles)

    A study of balancing, protecting and renewing your passion for ministry

    An in-depth study of Biblical End Times

    • A study of seeing Christ in the Tabernacle
    • A continuing study of the major doctrines of Biblical Christianity

    A study of biblically based principles and practices modeled on Jesus Christ who exemplified servant Leadership / A study of the defense of the divine origin and authority of Biblical Christianity 

    • A study of general and topical counseling that draws upon God's Holy Word as the foundation for healing

    • A study of best practices for effective Church Building and Administration

    A continuing in-depth study of Biblical End Times